Grand Knight

Chris Ross

Chris Ross

The grand knight is responsible for the overall welfare of the council. Elected annually by the council membership, the grand knight must provide thoughtful and inspired leadership to the council officers, the Service Program directors, chairmen and members of the council.


More specifically, his duties include: presiding over council meetings; acting as an ex officio member of all committees; appointing the membership and program directors and working with them on the selection of Service Program activities chairmen and membership recruitment teams and retention chairmen; convening officers for a monthly meeting; appointing special committees not mandated by the laws of the council; overseeing the proper exemplification of the First Degree; and, finally, making sure that all reports and reporting forms required by the state or Supreme Council offices are submitted on time.

The grand knight also interacts with the financial secretary and treasurer to ensure the council is meeting its financial obligations to the Supreme and state councils, and others. The grand knight countersigns all orders drawn and signed by the financial secretary and all checks drawn and signed by the treasurer. He also reads the vouchers from the financial secretary of moneys paid to the treasurer and from the treasurer of moneys deposited in the bank. By these procedures, the grand knight monitors the performance of the financial secretary and treasurer, working with them to help the council meet its financial obligations.

The grand knight is a member of the Advisory Board charged with general supervision of a Columbian Squires circle sponsored by his council.

Finally, the grand knight, together with the deputy grand knight and trustees, is responsible for recommending a chaplain to the ordinary of the diocese for his appointment. He also appoints a lecturer.